Employees 5 star rating for magazine


Stars is the magazine for Sodexo’s 37,000 front line employees in the UK & Ireland. This 24-page  full colour magazine is written, designed and produced by Talisman working alongside the Sodexo communications team.

In a recent readership survey the magazine received outstanding results.

94% of readers said that they felt Stars kept them informed about Sodexo.
91% rated the readability of the magazine as either good or very good.
94% feel that the magazine helps them to understand the different types of people and jobs within the company.

 Comments included:  

It gives me an insight to other segments and different people within Sodexo.
I think it’s fab and thoroughly enjoy reading it.
Don’t think anything is lacking on it.
It is well put together and very colourful and informative.
Stars is a well produced magazine which contains something for everyone.
It’s a fantastic tool, it encourages our staff to better themselves and to feel a part of the bigger picture. A very good read.
Really enjoy reading. The best form of internal comms we have available.

Stars is complemented by an e-magazine for managers for the detail behind decisions and advice and guidance on working with their teams.

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