Southern Water promotion of One Team, One Goal philosophy

When the management of one of the top 10 water companies in the UK wanted to share its One Team, One Goal philosophy with 1,600 employees, it turned to Talisman to stage a series of roadshows across its region.

Because of the nature of the business, much of Southern’s workforce is in small teams spread across more than 460 water and wastewater treatment works. It’s a  24/7 operation, so taking teams away from the frontline needed to be staggered to ensure there was always adequate cover. That meant staging morning and afternoon shows at  four main locations in the region each for between 110 and 350 people.

Audience participation was encouraged and as well as having the opportunity to ask questions face-to-face, a texting system meant employees could raise points anonymously during breaks.  Keypad voting technology was used to check understanding of the subjects raised and determine levels of engagement among each group.

Talisman also provided scriptwriting for the presentations, organised the speaker support material and wrote and designed pop-up posters. Event feedback was generally positive with nearly 80 per cent of staff rating them good or very good.

Ben Gogan, Southern Water’s internal communications officer, said: “Talisman’s behind-the-scenes contribution at each location provided an ideal backdrop to enable our employees to receive the key messages from our management in a clear and engaging way. I had complete confidence in Talisman’s ability to event manage, which meant I could focus hassle free on the areas of the conference I needed to.”