Small but perfectly formed for Your Golf Travel

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Your Golf Travel is the world’s largest golf travel business with more than 200,000 golfers travelling with it annually. The company is looking to stage a number of events in 2013 to further build its reputation, and early in the year asked Talisman to  support its efforts to get sponsors on board for the events.

A series of short, picture-led PDF brochures were produced by Talisman as attractors for emailing and support for face-to-face meetings.

Starting in January this year, there has already been some success with sponsors coming on board for a Shoot Out involving 40 professionals and 40 amateurs with a £50,000 prize for the pros. A sponsor has also come in to support an event called The Legends Pro Am Series which is to be staged at three top golf courses in September.

Dan Nickless of Your Golf Travel, said: “The presentations have been a great help in sending information to prospective sponsors. They set out the fundamentals of an event in an appealing way and it’s easy to see exactly what’s on offer.They are short and sweet, and because they can be sent electronically, are ideal.”